Borringe is a weird new animation show and collection of peculiar apps, its not the kind of thing you are used to, we promise. © 2015 Whole hog Creations Ltd.
BAFTA nominated TV show created and directed by Whole Hog. © 2015 Turner Entertainment Networks International Ltd.
Chugga, Chugga Wow! A magical TV and App experience for kids aged 3 - 6. © 2015 Whole hog Creations Ltd.
Chocopocalypse is a meat flavoured chocolate zombie apocalypse game. © 2015 Whole Hog Creations Ltd.
Hoobie the Hero. Can wannabe action hero Hoobie save the day and learn valuable life lessons? © 2015 Whole Hog Creations Ltd.

Whole Hog Creations Ltd is a content creation company that specialises in innovative concepts that excite and engage children of all ages. Building on over fifteen years of experience working with broadcasters and agencies on award-winning TV, games and cross-platform productions, Whole Hog Creations is currently creating fantastic original IP and producing TV shows, games and apps. We’re also in development with international broadcasters, games developers and production companies.